Protecting Your Assets

Innovative Solutions for Flood Control

Defense with AquaDam

AquaDam is a low-impact, environmentally friendly water filled cofferdams for flood control, flood protection, water diversions, hurricane protection, dewatering, remediation, Haz-Mat containment and water storage.

Built to Withstand

Available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 1 foot to 16 feet in height. AquaDams can be assembled in a straight line, as an arc, or connected at angles to encircle and protect an entire area.

Ready to Deploy

Standard lengths of 50 or 100 feet can be shipped immediately, but any length can be fabricated with prior notice. A patented coupling-collar is used to extend two or more dams to whatever length is needed. AquaDams can be pre-assembled at the factory to customer specifications, then shipped rolled and ready for use at the jobsite.